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Environmental Responsability

Monómero’s environmental awareness is quite evident in the following:

  • Low percentage of production waste and its total reuse/integration after selective recycling.
  • Energy efficiency: favourable sector ratio concerning energy consumed/transformed kilos.
  • Use of waterborne paints rather than solvent-borne ones.
  • Decrease of raw material consumption through thickness reduction.


Environment :Plastic packaging is often regarded as pollutant - this is mainly related to the shopping bags frequently reused for domestic waste disposal. Their visual impact when in the wrong place is definitely enormous.  We shall not forget, however, that this same bag represents the visible part of the litter it contains and is thus, at its maximum, 0,2% of its whole weight. What is the problem here: the bag or what is in the bag?

Advantages :Light, reliable, resistant, reusable, recyclable, cost. Have you considered taking your waste out without its plastic bag?

100% reusable plastic

Some important aspects sum up the arguments which show plastic bags are the best option bearing in mind the alternative solutions currently on offer:

  • The environmental impact of plastic bags is reduced - it is the best option for the environment.
  • In comparison to plastic bags, the production and use of paper bags generates 70% more air pollution.
  • Plastic bags need less room in dumps - paper bags would increase the volume by 160%.
  • Most bags, in particular shopping bags, are reused by citizens.
  • Plastic bag production demands 4% less water consumption than paper bags.
  • Due to their resistance and lightness, plastic bags carry greater amounts with less CO2 emissions.