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Monómero® was founded in 2001 for the production/transformation of plastic material. It is known in the field of coextrusion (multilayers), high-quality eight-colour flexography and solvent-free adhesive lamination. Its permanent investment in RnD, on the basis of its own resources, together with its close collaboration with universities and petrochemical industries enabled it to evolve towards the reduction of film thickness and the enhancement of physical, optical and barrier properties: gas, water vapour, oxygen, light and all other barriers against perishable agents. This resulted in considerable benefits for the end user.

Vertical industry, including: Extrusion, flexography, lamination and finishing. Monómero®’s industrial activity rests upon an optimised layout and top equipments which allow for method and/or end product differentiation as well as waste and setup time reduction.

Advanced studies are currently taking place to initiate an innovating project in Portugal: Monoaxial orientation/Monoorientation (MDO) of HDPE and PP films.


Monómero produces plastic-based mono or coextruded films in low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene and polypropylene:

  • Automatic packaging printed films.
  • Coextruded, on wicket-dispenser and roll bags for food industry.
  • Bags and films for baking industry.
  • Retractable films and industrial bags.
  • Handle bags.
  • Promotional and advertising bags (with (non-)strengthened cut-out and flexible handles).
  • Mono and coextruded bin bags, also in rolls.

Among others…

Core  Business

  • Coextruded and laminated films for technical packaging;
  • Bags for industrial usage;
  • Macro and micro-perforated bags for food products;
  • Bottle sleeves;
  • Further trade packaging.

Since it aimed at the production of films and flexible thermoplastic packages for primary use in the food branch mostly, the Monómero® project was shaped and restricted to the fields of:

  • Innovation;
  • Reduction of final costs;
  • Environmental protection. 

Main customers

  • Fruit and vegetable packers (Pingo Doce, Continente, Dia, Auchan, ASDA).
  • Pharma labs (Pharmanord, Generis, Farmos Genéricos, etc.).
  • Electrical retailers of home appliances (Worten).
  • Clothing stores (Sport Zone, Zippy).
  • Detergent packers (Lidl, Continente, Auchan, Dia).
  • Automotive/motorcycle piece manufacturing industries (Simoldes, Polisport).
  • Technical films (HDPE from 7mm).

Quality policy

The Monómero® Project came true after a thorough analysis of the state of affairs of the branch, which its promoters were very familiar with. It was thus born from a global view of competition and market and aimed to achieve very clear goals: to, under the best technical conditions, create differentiated products for specific markets identified as potentially under growth and insufficiently supported. In a branch with so much demand and based on such intensive capital, it would only make sense to set up a new project if it were truly innovating in all its fields:

  • Production technologies based upon exceptional layout and informatic tools.
  • Research concerning new products, applications and processes.
  • Service and technical support of clients.

To successfully accomplish this ambitious plan, it was essential to build a determined, informed, motivated and rigorous work team. This strategy endeavoured to:

  • Meet the clients’ needs in an optimised way.
  • Improve the efficacy of the management system.
  • Meet the requirements of their products.

Monómero®’s quality policy rests upon client satisfaction. This is why the quality system Standard NP EN 90001:2008 was implemented.